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Syrox E-Commerce Product Comparison

Having something to sell is only the start of it. There are many important features to consider when embarking on an e-commerce website:

  • Choosing and registering a website domain name
  • Selecting a website hosting company
  • Opening a merchant account
  • Arranging for credit card processing

As part of our e-commerce pricing model we commonly refer to either our ‘standard e-commerce functionality’ designed especially for start-ups or our ‘premium e-commerce functionality’ which takes your web-shop to the next level. Both solutions are based on a proven flexible e-commerce engine that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

This comparison chart should help you assess the degree of functionality available at both ends of the spectrum and of course if you have any questions or you have a special project in mind – don’t hesitate to talk to us!


Our standard level websites are developed from a basic framework which offers all the functionality required to get you up and running – perfect for start-up sites!

Prices from



Our premium level websites are more bespoke, flexible and offer more functionality and hence are more expensive as they require additional programming and design.

Prices from


Design and site functionality

Full design service with flexible page and content layouts throughout the entire site

Numerous shop supporting pages including brands lists and brand bio pages

Extended options for shopping process, number of products, recommended items etc

Shopping process based on customisable templates

Home page, about us, contact, T&Cs and
essential pages

Personal URL (your domain) for both supporting and shopping pages

Home page Content Management System (CMS), keep your homepage fresh and up to date

Product Control and categorisation

Products managed via a browser over the internet

Full product control, create new products change product details and images

Flexible product details, number of images, page layout, editors notes etc

Interactive zoom images with next and previous (reduced control for standard)

Product size, colour and price options

Automated sale pricing with sale category

Recommended, suggested items

Also available in

Products arranged in sets

Products displayed on home page

Flexible products ordering on list pages

Product/SKUs prices downloaded and updated via
excel files

Keyword product ‘search’

Automated ‘Sale’ categories

Flexible shop by Brand or Category options and filters

Flexible top and sub categories

Ask a question on product pages

Pricing and stock control

Products can display current and sale prices

Zero value items, free gift, free shipping

Gift wrapping and message option available

Post and packing options, size, weight, same day, next day, two days, national and international (reduced control for standard)

VAT accounting options

Three level stock control: in stock, out of stock – no email, suspended

In stock, out of stock, suspended and awaiting with editable tags eg. ‘due in 1 week’

Manual or automated out of stock at specified stock level

Back orders, sales items when waiting stock

Email me when back in stock option

Product/SKUs prices downloaded and updated via
excel files


Email a friend, "buy me this" or "you might like this"

Flexible discount options, percentage,
money-off vouchers

Voucher codes can be locked down to specific users

Trade accounts

Shopping and customer account management

Flexible shopping process

Template based shopping process

Add or remove products in shopping basket

Update quantities in shopping basket

View discounts if applicable

Persistent sessions for users (items stay in basket)

Save items for next purchase

Gift wrap and message options available

View total with tax and delivery breakdowns

Purchase with or without user accounts

Purchase without user account

Different delivery address to billing address

Customers can modify personal details

Order tracking, order history and cancel orders before despatch

Email confirmations

Delivery tracking via third party

Email list management

Trade accounts with percentage discount

Admin Functionality

Supports numerous electronic merchant accounts

Paypal, Google or Worldpay payment

Personal SSL secure servers for sensitive details

Single secure admin account

Order processing, new, pending and completed orders

Printable packing, address & fulfilment dockets


Full user account management

Multilevel administration security including, products only, order processing only etc

Reports and Accounting

Standard admin controls

Extended admin controls

Partial or full order refunds accounted

Newsletter subscribers/unsubscribers via .csv files

Complex dashboard and full reporting on product, sales, customers etc

Extended online account reports via .csv files

Reduced dashboard and reporting

Standard online account reports via .csv files

Search engine optimisation

W3C compliancy

Search engine friendly URLs

Index enable product pages

Adding your suggested MetaTag data to the site

Full control over MetaTag data throughout site

Index enable dynamic sitemaps

Upload and submit to Google the XML sitemap

However if you require any extra special or bespoke functionality please let us know, we are sure we can fulfil your requirements.

As well as the items/functions mentioned above there may be instances where extended functionality or services may be required. As all our solutions are based around the same e-commerce engine this enables Syrox to offer a broad range added extras, services and support including:

Design and site functionality

  • Full content management system (CMS) for ALL pages
  • Flexible content areas including blogs and news sections with archiving
  • Multiple language support

Product Control and categorisation

  • Flexible ‘products list’ ordering organised via a ‘drag & drop’ system
  • Multiple shops/websites administered from one admin
  • Multiple product types and pages with differing display and ordering characteristics
  • More than four levels of flexible products categorisation
  • Intelligent and bespoke searching controls, gift finder, filtering
  • Scrollable shopping cart on all pages
  • Recently viewed items and flexible customer managed wish lists, wedding lists

Pricing and Stock Control

  • Trade customer log-in with different SKU option and prices
  • Next day delivery date displayed on the site based on cut-off order placement time
  • Returns, repairs/seconds, discounted, re-order polices stock control
  • Extended stock value accounting, cost of stock, storage costs, profit margins
  • Integration with existing stock / accounting systems


  • Gift vouchers (ability to purchase money vouchers) including multiple currencies
  • Email list management and newsletter generation, subscribing and unsubscribing
  • Up-selling specials e.g. 'Buy one get one free' offers
  • Zero value items, free gift, free shipping
  • Multiple discount structures
  • Affiliates - Multiple revenue shares and affiliate schemes

Multiple Currencies

  • True multiple currencies supporting numerous merchant accounts simultaneously
  • User region tracking, site determines which currency to display
  • Orders locked to delivery and/or billing regions, stopping grey imports
  • Multiple currencies gift vouchers (ability to purchase money vouchers)
  • Complex multi regional pricing and delivery structures, UK, USA, Europe etc
  • Export/import tax implications with VAT accounting

Order and Fulfilment Processing

  • Payment can be integrated into existing transactional or 3rd party systems
  • Direct telephone order interface, without basket
  • Integration with existing invoicing/order processing systems
  • Bespoke custom reports, sales breakdowns and financial breakdowns (P/L, VAT, packing)

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