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DAM Features

By utilising secure Internet technology, your assets can be made available to your entire organisation, your clients, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world, any time.

For your users:

Easy to navigate sites

Having been active players in usability studies over the years we understand the processes involved in the presenting, searching and sharing of content. Our sites ensure that your customers can browse and purchase your assets with the minimal amount of mouse clicks

Intuitive searching

Our sites make it simple for users to find the correct and relevant images, with keyword, categories and advance searching techniques, results include suggested and related imagery.

Support your brands

The Syrox asset management solution strengthens marketing and branding continuity with enhanced sharing and collaboration of images, marks and marketing materials.

Extended functionality

Give your users/clients extended toolset to help them search and manage their assets including, multiple flexible email-able light boxes which can be commented and updated by invited parties, suggestive relevant search results, colour palette matching, workflow and user grouping to name but a few.

For you:

Releases the full commercial value of your images through automation

The Syrox DAM solution provides the ability to store vast amounts of different types of data that can be categorised, searched and retrieved in a number of different ways. By using various metadata techniques including IPTC, XMP, ML-G2 and XML assets are encoded so images, text and data can be processed and exchanged across diverse hardware, operating systems, and application platforms with little or no human intervention.

Streamline image processing

Images can be ingested using standard networks including Wi-Fi, using standard protocols such as HTTP (internet browsers) or FTP. Where they can be, resized, re-encoded, captioned, categorised and stored, whilst retaining any pervious metadata, file names, image format and other unique data.


Assets can be deployed as standalone data in various formats or directly linked to applications including dynamic web servers, enterprise content management systems and graphical layout applications.

Protects your assets

We protect your intellectual property through both visible and invisible watermarking. Once an image is in the public domain, use 3rd party companies to scan the internet, tracking usage and users of your valuable content and charging them accordingly. Restrict image size and resolution to certain individuals and user groups, or by usage.


Employ complete customisable workflow procedures to control your asset management business processes, including editorial roles, publishing rights, version control and history.
Integrate usage and approval processes including commercial rules and rights, tracking and reporting, presenting you a full commercial snapshot of your assets.

Rich Media Support

Companies today have a large and diverse resource base comprising of text documents, numeric data, images, electronic artwork, sound bites and video clips, all of which are supported in their native format with the ability to present them in a variety of other formats.

Allows full user and content tracking

Keep track of your images, discover which ones are viewed, downloaded and used, the most and least popular images and why via search terms and content. Control access through rights management, allow certain users higher resolution content whilst incorporate usage approval workflow and management.

Multi user levels and multilevel security

Utilising multilevel access control and encrypted authentication of passwords and content, allows both securing of administration and distribution of assets. With modular security approaches, you can use the option that suits your requirements, from easy to administer groups and roles to robust, fine-grained access control for individual users on an asset by asset basis.


Integrate our e-commerce engine giving you an instant commercial return on your images and content. Whether you are keen amateur, a news agency or already an established image library, our solutions can help sell your images online using a host of functionality and selling techniques.

Freedom of Deployment

Our DAMs may be deployed as a stand-alone solution, with application server and data repository components residing on the same physical server, or may be integrated into an existing database and web server provision

Modular and extendable

As your organisation grows so can your system, new components and applications can easily be added and modified without significant impact of other areas and procedures.

Low cost

Using standard web browser technology and delivered over existing local or wide area networks including the internet, makes client access straightforward. In addition optional deployment as a single server solution minimises maintenance and upgrading issues.

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