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DAM or MAM stands for Digital or Media Asset Management systems, a phase used to describe software and hardware which allows companies to store and index hundred of thousands of images, eps, pdf, video snippets and other media files.

Not only do these systems store the files but also collate comprehensive related data, including file description, what is the image of, where it was taken, when it was taken or created, what tools were used including camera data, categories, keywords, versioning and whole host of other textual content. By using industry standard formats these files and data can easily be searched and distributed securely across a network or the web.

Typical users of DAMS

  • News agencies and picture desks
  • Image libraries including online e-commerce
  • Photographers and assignment agencies
  • Media companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Corporates

The short answer to this question is that you get a fully functioning DAM site which you are trained to use and happy with.

The longer answer is that we generally find that most projects can be broken down into the following stages, and quote accordantly:

  • Competitive intelligence and Moodboard creation
  • Graphical design reflecting your customer’s demographics
  • Navigation and site prototyping
  • Building the site pages
  • Building the administration and training
  • Any extended functionality, for example News syndications, social networking
  • First years hosting, domain management, Google analytics and support.

We do NOT charge a monthly maintenance fee; once your site is live we only charge you for the work you ask us carry out.

Yes the general web branding which is the site’s look and the feel is part of the fee. We would normal expect a new client to already have a logo and identity that reflects their marketplace, and would use this as the bases for the designs. If however you don’t have any branding or identity and would require some, we would be happy to help having worked on many brands and identities over the years.

Once the site is live you own the design plus any other creative work we produce for you. You also own the web pages and the HTML code supporting them; consequently you can use or change any of the graphical elements or the web pages, whenever you want.

You also own the right to use the DAM engine, but not to reuse or resell its IP (intellectual property) and source code. In layman terms you can move your site to another hosting company, you even can give access to whomever you like including another development company and ask them to work on it, we really don’t mind. However you can’t copy the site or build others using the same source code or resell any IP rights to another party, without prior consent from Syrox. 

All our sites are built using search engine friendly techniques including CSS, structured URLs, fully editable metadata, W3C and Google / xml / dynamic site maps. We are confidante that our sites tick the majority of the boxes when it comes to optimisation and page indexing, so YES all the important SEO work is included within the fee.

However there are always going to be other and new tricks to increase your web sites page optimisation and ranking. At Syrox we understand what techniques are useful and worth investing in and the ones which less value for money. When it comes to more specialist SEO we generally work with partners or 3rd parties for specific jobs for example copy writing, keyword analysis and category structure, pay per click marketing and link building.

We recommend if you are going to use an external SEO agency that we vet them on your behalf, as we could save you a lot of your time and money.

All our sites are developed on Windows MS Servers and built using .NET and MS SQL, these are industry standard frameworks used by sites like, etc.

We host the majority of the sites on Rackspace servers where they are backed up daily. Depending on the storage requirement or if you want to host the site yourself, that is fine as long as your server support the above technologies.

We would always recommend you buy and look after your domain yourselves, no matter who you use to develop your site, that way you can totally safeguard your domain’s future. We are happy to mange your domain on your behalf either through your own domain login or transferring management but not ownership to our domain portal. We are also happy to work with your IT company or you, emailing the DNS changes you need to carryout.


We can also help you with domain ownership problems having secured specific domains for clients plus act as a third-party when bidding / acquiring premium domains.

We currently have 10 in-house members of staff, including wed designers, front end codes and developers and we are growing.
Syrox was originally established during the mid 1980 as a computer graphics company, developing computer games and software for interactive museum displays. Since then we have moved on to concentrate on various aspects of web design and development and now have an experienced team based in Kingston upon Thames, South London

E-marketing is a broad term encompassing many web based marketing techniques including:

  • Search engine ranking, keyword analysis, content generating and link building
  • Social media and networking, twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds
  • Email marketing, creation, delivering and tracking
  • Pay per click campaigns, purchasing and reporting
  • Affiliate marketing, product data feeds and tracking codes
  • Blogs and micro sites, creation, maintaining and linking
  • Viral marketing, creation, delivering and data capture

Having worked on all aspects for some major household names, Syrox has the experience and know-how to build and execute successful campaigns, click here to find out more about our e-marketing services


After the initial quotes, we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your project, your target audience, your competitors and your requirements and preferences. From this meeting we produce a final proposal / quotation and once these have been agreed we will start working on the look and feel and any extra functionality whilst being in constant contact.

The last job before starting programming is the prototype, this is a flat website that looks and navigates similar to the final site, we build this so you can see how the site will look and work from a customer’s point of view. When you are happy with the prototype we start the final build.

Of course every site is unique and every client has different requirements, but a guideline would be 8 – 12 weeks from start to finish for a medium size site. We can carry out faster builds however this all depends on our current workload plus your commitment.

Please also bear in mind that you will need to populate the site with your own content, this can often be the time consuming part!

Hopefully by now you understand that we are true web developers, we don't use templates sites with bolt on features. We work with a core framework which is developed into a bespoke site, unique to each client. If further down the line you require additional functionality for example a site re-fresh, product videos, social networking add-ons, stock control or multiple currencies, this won’t be a problem and we will be happy to quote.

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