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DAM Digital & Media Asset Management Systems

Release the full potential of your digital content. With our image and asset management systems you can store, search and track your digital images or files all from within your browser window..

Used by some of largest image libraries and brands in the world, our Digital, Media and Brand Asset Management solutions (DAM,MAM & BAM) focuses on the management and distribution of your digital content. We help companies store, search, index and retrieval and distribution their assets, together with business processes, to form an integral part of your global business infrastructure.

Using powerful searching and indexing functions, you can quickly locate and work with your resources. Various metadata techniques can be easily implemented including IPTC, ML-G2 and XML where assets can be encoded and exchanged across platforms seamlessly. By utilising secure Intranet and Extranet technology, your assets can be made available to your entire organisation and your clients, partners and suppliers anywhere in the world, and at any time.

However this only half the story, as not all Syrox DAM websites are the traditional image libraries. Working with companies such as Getty Images we have created global web marketing applications, capable of sending, serving and fine grain tracking of emails and online portfolios consisting of hundreds of thousands images and tens of thousands portfolios.

Some of our latest Syrox DAM and MAM clients:

FIFA Digital Archive

Enterprise Brand Asset Management solution for FIFA Marketing

Global Assignments

DAM for Getty Images international photographers network

Orchard Representation

MAM for Getty Images acclaimed boutique photographic agency


Getty Images portfolio site specialising in cimematoghers

Laureus Archive

DAM solution for the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards


DAM solution for an art and image supplier to the retail sector

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