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Expertise in programming, architecture, applications and databases

Syrox provides a range of development services encompassing application specification, design, programming, testing and in-flight maintenance. Syrox are experienced in delivering enterprise-level robust solutions within strict timeframes.

Syrox has a broad understanding of the concepts of application development at the desktop, client-server, web based and enterprise levels. We have a development team with a large skill set in all major development technologies and disciplines, and experience in technical documentation and specification.

Syrox offers specific development services in the following areas:


Delivering innovation by leveraging industry knowledge
Our development team has a broad based knowledge of most common programming technologies and disciplines, including: Enterprise-level Development, UML, Prototyping, Rapid Application Development and Extreme Programming techniques.

Syrox's extensive programming skills and experience includes:

  • ASP.NET distributed architecture development, VB.NET, C#
  • Java EE, JavaBeans and JSP
  • PHP, CGI, Perl, ASP scripting
  • Visual Basic, C++, Java, Lingo, Action script, ActiveX Components
  • HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript;
  • IIS, Apache, WML, ISAPI
  • Zope / Python / Plone development

Architecture Design

Distributed, multi-tier applications for e-business
In developing many enterprise scale applications, Syrox has gained an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities for the successful specification and design of application architectures. With the increasing reliance on distributed web based systems, an application's organisational structure has become a critical factor in the design process.

As a key component in an application, a carefully designed database can make the difference between efficient data storage and retrieval and a data bottleneck that could bring your application to its knees. Syrox has wide experience designing, building and integrating databases and supporting technologies. We have successfully integrated solutions with existing databases and legacy systems and are skilled at database migration tasks.

Syrox has deployed successful systems with a variety of architectures including multi-tier, replicated, distributed and semi-disconnected applications.

Our expertise includes aspects of:

  • Database design
  • Business logic process & systems development
  • Enterprise-level scalability & robustness
  • Technical architecture development
  • Distributed n-tier system development
  • Thin client deployment

Architecture Development

Implementation of desktop, web and enterprise applications
Whether developing a web application, desktop program, thin client-server system or enterprise system, Syrox brings the same level of quality, attention to detail, practical design and technical experience to every project.

Syrox has developed applications using a wide range of technologies, platforms, frameworks and languages. In approaching any application development project, our wide knowledge and skill set allows us to select the right tools and technologies for the job.

Whatever the size of the project, Syrox is there to support and maintain your application, even after development has ended. We are skilled in deployment, installation and configuration of systems, and can provide documentation, help desk, technical support and emergency call out services.

Syrox is well-versed in the following key technologies and skills:

  • Frameworks, including .Net, MFC, Java EE, Zope
  • Methodologies, including CASE, UML, Extreme Programming
  • Installation, configuration and logging of programs and services
  • Client applications, including browser based thin clients and intelligent fat clients
  • Browser customisation, ISP connection installers 
  • Security, authentication and access control 
  • Extranets, remote access provision, configuration and security 
  • Microsoft Office and Acrobat PDF interoperation 
  • Intelligent agents for image handling, cropping, retouching and resizing 
  • Shared resource and asset distribution systems
  • Weblogging and social applications 
  • Bulletin board and real-time chat 
  • Mail distribution and tracking systems

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