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Flexible project analysis, specification and management

Syrox offers full consultancy services for application development and deployment either as part of an existing R&D programme, a Syrox developed solution, or as an individual standalone project.

Syrox can work with your existing external or in-house technical or development teams. We can oversee and coordinate your design teams, programmers, IT department, content authors and website editors where appropriate, or fit in with your current development structure. Syrox brings our own consultancy and management approaches and processes to the table, proven over many years of working with clients on a wide range of web applications. We are also happy to adhere to and compliment your organisation's project management processes and systems.

Some of the specialist areas we offer a consultancy service for are:

Analysis & Specification

Structured application design, modelling and documentation
Syrox has a proven track record in the detailed analysis of client requirements with respect to desktop, client-server and web based application development. We specialise in the formulation and structuring of ad-hoc, evolved or open-ended business processes, and in the enabling of efficient, effective solutions for change management and new business opportunities.

We pride ourselves on our skills in working with clients to understand their businesses, customers, processes, requirements and market drivers. Syrox has a flexible approach that fits in with existing development programmes or strategies.

Syrox provides a range of specification, design and modelling and technical documentation services, and can draw up sample specifications for tenders, feasibility and cost approval purposes, pre-development system specifications, project management, in-flight testing, and ongoing assessment and analysis.

Project Management

Successful development planning, direction and production
Syrox has extensive experience in management of application development and deployment, gained through many years of involvement in successful client projects. Through established techniques such as critical path analysis, goal setting, risk management and milestone management, projects can be brought in on time and within budget.

Syrox employs a methodology of project management which can be applied to developments of any size and duration and various development team structures. Our approach includes the following key features:

Design and Specification
Syrox has broad knowledge of look and feel design, user analysis, goal definition, and the drawing up of functional and technical specifications. Without a clear design process leading up to specifications, your project may be off target before development even starts.

Planning and Scheduling
We have a practical real-world approach to project planning, based on knowledge gained through experience on many previous projects. In particular, Syrox uses a milestone planning method based around critical path analysis of key development stages.

Risk Management
Without an honest and systematic appraisal of the factors that may affect the success of your project, you are working in the dark. Syrox specialises in the identification of issues with impact on development planning, resources, schedules and budgets.

Project Team Management
Syrox has an open, flexible approach to project team management, developed from the philosophy that no two clients are the same. Without good team management, development effort may be wasted or misdirected. Syrox has managed development, design, authoring and testing teams of a wide range of sizes and hierarchies. We also have the resources to augment your team with designers, programmers, technicians and authors where required.

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