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Looking for something different? Current developer can’t take your ideas further? Why not try Syrox for a quote.

Not only are we know for our e-commerce and DAM solutions, we have also worked on many interesting bespoke and application developments over the years. Primarily working within the .Net framework on Microsoft platforms, we love to work on new and exciting projects brining our client’s visions to life.

Here are some of our bespoke projects:

My Market Monitor

As the UK specialist beauty media insight company, My Market Monitor (MMM) monitors the UK press marketing activity of every single beauty brand for both editorial and advertising. Giving the industries marketers an actionable insight on any beauty brand, helping them to make intelligence based decisions to increase their press presence and ultimately sales.

Syrox were approach by MMM having seen some of our other projects. The solution comprises of three modules. Firstly the data entry solution, Syrox worked closely with the MMM readers to develop a simple application and interface, using shorthand and population logic techniques helping the readers enter data fast and efficiently.

Database and application layer, developed using .net framework and MS SQL database residing on a dedicated server. This part of the solution is for the data storage, mining and analysis, its primary function is extracting competitor marketing strategies, tracking both product and editorial trends and maximising customer advertising opportunities and spend.

The finial part is the website and data presentation, using .net graphing components Syrox developed a user centric web interface to help clients visually understand and view this complex data. The solution consisted of pre-prepared customisable graphs where clients can add multiple layer filtering. Once the clients are happy with their reports they can the produce on the fly pdf documents from real time data.


Orange Interface database

During 2005 the interface and usability part of the Orange FT group or more commonly known as Orange Mobile approached Syrox to help develop a one-stop workflow and repository solution to help manage and unify the development for new mobile devices.

In the past each new device to market featured a different look, feel and functionality to its interface. Orange wanted to address this, not only to help users when upgrading but to build on the Orange brand experience where all devices had the same slick look and usability.

After developing the initial interface and icon sets the step was to manage the manufactures, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Samsung plus many others. Graphics, screen savers and icon sets had to be delivered depending on the devices screen resolution, including any device specific changes, tested and archived. An added aspect was the signature device database where the manufactures could showcase their ‘coming soon’ devices to Orange marketing and selected branches that could login to view these latest devices and their key features.

Using workflow and version practices the site consisted of an http: file delivery solution with approval and archiving, an icon library with versioning and the signature database where users can view device features and USP and lastly admin section for user, manufacturer and device control.


30 Minute Menu

The brainchild of Hi Spirits a UK premium drinks supplier to the trade and supermarket sector. As part of an incentive drive to promote their products within the pub and bar market, they offered any licensed premises free drink and cocktail menus as long as they used Hi Spirit products.

A crucial aspect of any promotion is cost and efficiency, as Hi Spirits envisaged many hundreds if not thousands of premises taking up this offer. It was imperative to streamline the production of the menus as much as possible and within budget.

Syrox developed a solution where licensors registered their interest and once approved they could login to the solution to produce their own unique menus. These menus comprises of personalised information including logos, addresses and content, a database of over 500 cocktails with images to choose from and the ability to add new and unique cocktails plus uploading suitable images. The solution also gave the option to save menus and edit them later, select different covers and template themes and print a watermarked low resolution version for proofing.

Once the licensor is happy with their work, they then place an order with the quantity governed by their monthly stock ordered. This is a totally automated solution requiring only customer validation from Hi Spirits, the back bone of the solution is on the fly pdf generation with the final version being output to digital press in CMYK format.


Pitman Training

Pitman Training the developer of shorthand and the market leaders in providing high quality business skills training programs for both the individual and corporate client. With over 100 regional centres throughout the UK, Ireland and worldwide, Pitman Training has become the name people trust in skills certification. Syrox provide the technology behind all of Pitman Training's CD ROM based training courses.

Over the past eight years, Syrox has worked with Pitman Training to develop their CD ROM based training programs as used in all of the Pitman Training regional centres, and have completed over 100 courses including those aimed at the latest Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010 packages.

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