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Understanding what attracts and motivates your audience and turning them into loyal customers or long-term users relies upon providing relevant content and engaging users. At Syrox, we understand how to cost effectively use online marketing to drive quality traffic to your website.

SEO (Search engine optimisation)

All our sites are built with SEO in-mind, ensuring that your website is fully optimised for all search engines. Our sites feature friendly URLs, customisable metadata, W3C compliancy, 301 redirects, SEO friendly CSS code, dynamic XML sitemaps, the list goes on, for this reason we are confident that our sites will be indexed by all the search engines.

However there are always going to be new emerging techniques to increase your web sites page optimisation and ranking. We are constantly following these new SEO techniques and we are happy to implement these at your request. At Syrox we understand which techniques are useful and worth investing in and which offer less value for money.

For the more specialist services, we generally work with specialist partners or 3rd parties that focus on these areas:

  • Keyword analysis and data structure
  • Copy and content writing with specific keyword and phrases density
  • Relevant external link building

We recommend if you are going to use an external SEO agency that we vet them on your behalf, as there many companies claiming to perform SEO miracles but delivering very little. We could save you a lot of your time and money.

Social Media

From Twitter to Facebook, YouTube to Foursquare, Social media is all about creating a buzz about your product or organisation and communicating that to the right group of people.

Social media has opened up the possibility of connecting to you customers on their level, less interruption, more collaboration creating stronger bonds.

We can help you in make the most of social networking by creating linkable rich media content and building a social media strategy for your brand, advising you on how to create a lasting presence across all the latest social networking platforms.

Email Marketing

Email communication is an essential tool in obtaining and retaining customers, and relatively inexpensive as you don’t have any prohibitive print and delivery costs.

You can use it to test different products or creative treatments, also build up your own ‘opt-in’ database of customers and prospects, which will become invaluable as you grow your business.

We can help you develop an effective email strategy to attract new customers, promote repeat business, build brand loyalty.

With our custom in-house email delivering system we can guarantee deliverability, track opened emails and click through links, measuring the performance of each mailing to ensure optimum click-through and conversion.

Pay per click

Pay Per Click or PPC is an advertising technique that allows you to buy your way to the top of search results pages for search phrases relevant to your business.

PPC listings are upfront and visible, putting you in touch with people who have searched for the products or services that your company offers. The advantages of PPC over other search engine techniques, is that it is instantly quantifiable, spend £50 and gain £500 in orders.

We are happy to help, advise or even run your PPC campaign, by organising the purchase of essential key phrases, creating high value ads, monitoring and setting up all the necessary reporting through Google Adwords and Analytics.

Pay Per Click - PPC - is recognised as the core component of every search engine marketing campaign.

Affiliate marketing

Nowadays more apparent with e-commerce, affiliate marketing relies on 3rd parties pushing traffic to your site, awarding them with a percentage of any sales they may generate.

Having worked with some of the UK largest affiliates companies including Web gains, Linkshare, Designer Clothing and Profitistics plus other comparisons sites, we fully understand the market and procedures involved when joining such schemes.

There are many affiliated companies, all with differing setup costs, management fees and client base. Choosing the one that best suits your site and products is only half the battle, the next job is making sure the data feed and tracking code work correctly and efficiently. Having correct, descriptive data feeds is paramount in attracting new affiliates and their uses, inaccurate data can make or break a campaign.

Once you have now joined the affiliate scheme and have the correct data feed, what’s next? Marketing yourself to the affiliates, there is little point in joining such schemes if you can’t attract partners, generally through use of micro sites, newsletters and margins we can help you promote your products to the larger sites gaining you extra sales.

Reporting & Analysis

Web analytics is an essential tool to understanding the way your site is being viewed by your prospects, and helps you to optimise your site’s potential.

With every site we build we include Google Analytics tracking code. This market leader web-logging programme is a web essential, tracking and reporting a whole host of data from who is visiting your site to how they are navigating it.

Using this invaluable tool you can see which pages are most effective in terms of which conversions or goals are being achieved, how users are finding your site, what keywords they are using, which pages they use most often and even which buttons they prefer to click, to list just a few.

Creative services

From Twitter to Facebook, YouTube to Foursquare, Social media is all about creating a buzz about your product or organisation and communicating that to the right group of people.

Whether it is an animated banner or an extra web page, Syrox are always here to help. We offer a full range of in-house design services incorporating the latest trends, technology and usability practices. While drawing on our wealth of experience having worked on many digital campaigns for household names including MTV, Ted Baker, Five TV, Quick Books and The Discover Channel. We are happy to work on current projects or work with your existing designer or agency to bring our extensive new media design knowledge and skills to any project.

Blogs and Micro sites

Blogs have become sophisticated marketing tools for generating and engaging user interest as well as website linking.

The foundation of search engine ranking is link building, where sites link to each other using keywords and relevant content. Micro sites and especially blogs are ideal places to start, as they provide all important links and can serve as useful platform presenting your views and marketing content. The added advantages of blogs is that you instantly join a community with a wealth of web2.0 and social networking tools up and running ready for you and your users.

We can help choose which platform best suit your needs, customise its functionality and create that unique look and feel, helping your blog standout from the crowd.

Viral marketing

Branded the TV ads of the future, and not to be confused with email marketing, viral marketing works on the principle of users sharing content thus increasing your brand or product awareness. If executed well viral marketing can achieve phenomenal success and coverage.

There are 2 distinct types of virals those with incentives generally used to generate sign-ups by rewarding users with money off vouchers, prizes and free items. Or without incentive, these virals work on the principle that content be it a video or simple email is so unbelievable and wacky users can’t wait to share it, sending it to their friends.

Having worked on many virals from complex data capture where users and their friend’s emails need capturing and validating to simple online games and puzzles. Syrox has the experience to help you succeed in this unique marketing opportunity.

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