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Constantly growing, FIFA now has over 200 member associations, making it one of the world's largest sports organisations. In addition to the FIFA World Cup™, the organisation regulates and governs many other championships and events.

To promote the organisation and to raise awareness of its activities, FIFA forms close ties with an elite group of partners and licenses the use of a wide range of branded artwork for these companies to use in promotion and marketing. To control and manage the distribution of this artwork, FIFA turned to Syrox to develop a flexible, scalable asset management solution.


To control and manage a repository of a large number of graphical artwork files, animations and other assets, whilst allowing secure distribution to thousands of users, commercial affiliates, local organising committees, host cities, broadcast partners, FIFA users and their suppliers.

To replace the costly and inefficient artwork supply process, previously FIFA distributed artwork in the form of CDs and binders including graphic guidelines. This traditional means of distribution had a number of disadvantages including high production costs, lack of version and change control, usage tracking and unauthorised usage, copying and distribution of the material.

Not only did FIFA want improve on the distribution of their marks but also speed up and improve the usage and approval workflow process. With partners having unique usages rights to personalised marks the proposed solution would have to manage in-depth and complex user access and approval workflow with all content being served on a per user/group basis.

Syrox solution

Syrox developed a flexible asset management system to allow FIFA to configure their archive, which enables assets to be accessed at various different levels, right down to the individual users. Registered users can browse the archive, where artwork and other assets relating to FIFA events and activities are presented, and download files for use in print, web and TV promotional campaigns.

The system uses easy to use WYSIWYG editing tools that look and work like familiar word processing documents so non-technical staff can author the content for the system with a minimum of training.

The thin client web based administration allows full control over the content of the archive from within any web browser anywhere in the world. Secure access controls govern what level of data users have access to.

To monitor and track assets, the FIFA Digital Archive features an end-to-end approval process that records downloads of assets and allows users to submit proposed usage information for approval by FIFA. With comprehensive reporting and statistics, detailed information on asset usage and other aspects of archive activity can be reviewed. 

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