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With over 15 years of industry experience, our growth has been fuelled almost exclusively by repeat business and long-term partnerships with satisfied customers.

Originally established in the early 1980’s, Syrox started out developing computer games for the Acorn Atom and Sinclair ZX81 and the occasional interactive museum display. By the 1990’s a sister company Syrox Developments was formed to concentrate on the latest computer game consoles developing major titles for Sega, Disney, Activision and Universal Studios Inc. and was acquired in 2001 by the Climax Group to create one of the world's largest independent interactive entertainment development companies.

In the meantime, Syrox expanded into the fields of business presentations, graphic design and multimedia authoring.
By building on the experience gained from the computer games industry, Syrox was able to create a strong and unique market position during the birth of the Internet. During this early period Syrox developed one of the first UK e-commerce website selling online images for a major sport photographic agency as well as numerous e-commerce boutiques. Including the original Coco Ribbon website, voted second in the Time Out best e-commerce awards.

Since then our services have grown to include creative design, consultancy, content management system development, application development, e-commerce and e-marketing services. Having worked with many high profile companies on new technology solutions, Syrox has gained a reputation for producing high quality products within budgets and deadlines.

We are located a short walk from Kingston upon Thames station in South London

"One of our unique selling points is that we handle all aspects of your website in-house, we don’t rely on outsourcers or contractors, thus maintaining full control and quality on your ever important online presence".

"By keeping up with the latest design and technology trends our aim is to provide our customers with usable, fresh looking and easy to navigate websites, whilst always achieving their online goals".

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